Freestyle classes in
Holyhead, Llangefni, Llanfairpwll and Bangor, Wales

Our aim at Barton Dance and Drama Academy is to create a sound and safe technique for disco dance while understanding the need to allow freedom of expression and musical interpretation, and to educate teachers with an ever-changing art form. Modern music, trends and different cultures will always give us new challenges and material to introduce to our dancers.




Modern and Jazz




Examinations in disco

The basis of an excellent technique has helped to create a challenging examination system. Within the Imperial Dance and Dance Sports Faculty, every age and standard is catered for. From the colourful under 6 and under 8 rosettes through the medal system to the Peggy Spencer Eight-Dance Award. Professional examinations may be commenced at student-teacher through to fellowship. For further details about our fantastic freestyle classes, please get in touch with Barton Dance and Drama Academy in Holyhead, Wales.

Class uniform
Black jazz trousers, Barton’s purple t-shirt and white or black jazz shoes.

Exam uniform
Exam wear will be provided by BDDA, with white or black jazz shoes.

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Reputed dance school

Extensively experienced teachers

Wide range of dance forms taught

Cheerleading aims

Cheerleading requires strength, flexibility and musicality and combines a variety of dance styles; including street, jazz and hip hop; with traditional cheer moves and lifts to create exciting and breathtaking routines. The group are coached to work as a team and are actively encouraged to create their own cheers and to come up with new and original lifts. There are no examinations or set syllabus for the cheerleading classes and lessons are just for fun and a great way to exercise.

Class uniform
Black jazz trousers, Barton’s purple t-shirt and black jazz shoes. Purple pompom’s can be ordered from Mrs Barton or Miss Jemma. Barton’s cheerleader uniforms will be provided for performances.

Singing and drama aims

The aim of this class is to develop each child’s confidence in themselves and their ability, and to encourage both stage awareness and a sense of presence while performing. Students will learn the importance of vocal and physical warm ups, as well as how best to utilise the tools they have been given. Emphasis is placed on team work as it is important for children’s to be able to perform equally well in group numbers and solo pieces.

Each term pupils will learn musical theatre numbers as a group, with each child given an equal opportunity to sing, either as a solo or within a small group. These mini productions will combine pupils singing, dance and acting abilities to create an all-round entertaining performance. Previous numbers have been performed at various shows and functions around North Wales, allowing the children to experience firsthand the reaction of the audience and the thrill of performing

Class uniform
Black dance trousers or jogging bottoms, Barton’s purple t-shirt and white or black jazz shoes.

Come, dream with your feet. Call
07742 682 450 for more information.

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